Pictures from the 90's

I have a number of pictures from the 1990's.  I'm going to start posting them here.  If you do not want to see your picture on this obscure website, contact me ( not that it will stop me from posting your picture).

Priceless moment on the Bauske porch
Captain Clay and First Mate Bill 1994
Save the park 1999
Elaine and Ken
Girls and Grace 1996
Ruth and Fred
Mrs. Redmond and Mabel - Not certain the year.
Fred and Bob B
Good days on Bucky
Mabel and Jean
William and Mabel
David, Matt, and Skyler
Clay, Bob, Bruce, Bunny, and Grace
Bauske fireplace
Ann, Grace and KT - 1966
Ann and Megan - 1996
Jake, KT and Ann - 1996
Captain Bob