Pictures from 50's and 60's

Look for the Century Resorter.

William C. 1966 - Bob's first photo with new Polaroid
Elaine 1966 - Bob trying the Polaroid
Steve and Bob get to sit in the Resorter
Bill 1966 -- This one says: "Bill after working all night at the Inn."
Bob in "G-2"
Good fish Steve. Better boat!!
Four Good Looking Guys!!!
Damaged Photo - Can you identify the people?
Grandma Bessie and Grandma Franklin
Elaine and William (10th anniversary?)
Too bad the color faded on these old photos.
Another of the damaged photos from the 50's
Steve and Bill Powell 1962
Bob, Mark, Pete, Clay, and Fred in the good days.
Steve's birthday 1962
Red's Inside
Red's - One of the Creasey's Favorites
Not Bill and Dave -- Still a Nice Picture of a Restored Higgins
Fred, Bob, and Bill -- Only Bob has his eyes open!!
Bob, Elaine, William, and Bill -- 10th anniversary?
Lyle and Marsha Simons -- nice beach shot.