Okoboji Photos 2008


A collection of photographs from 2008.

Three Amigos
Andrew in Trouble
Bob Shows them How
Up Close at the Regatta
Gregg and Kim on New Deck
Bob Travels to Montana
Nice Shot John (or Molly)
Captain Molly
Tubing Fun
More Regatta by KT
Kay and Lori
Zeb enjoys Okoboji
Elaine, John, Molly and Blake
Ann Sailing
The best of John and Molly??
Ann and Kt
Ann Kt and Megan
Captain Bill and Blake
Captain Bill
Bill looking for next victim.
Mom gives Ann first Creasey Family Cookbook
The Creaseys July 2008
Ready to party deck July 4, 2008
Creasey Cottages July 2008
Bill and Bob (note the WOW shirt)
Blake and Megan
First Deck Party
Deck Party
Kay waves at the camera
Bill takes a picture of Bob's camera taking a picture
Another angle of the first deck party on new deck
Bob holds the invisible glass
Captain Bob -- Where are the water skis?
First deck party
Dave smiles
Steve on Deck at 4th of July Party